Carter Thiero Essay

Why I want to be part of the KTC Program?

By: Carter Thiero


Carter Thiero

Carter Thiero

I want to be in the Kindle to College program to go to USC for film school. So that I can have a teacher to teach me how to write a book that will turn into my very first script. It actually makes me feel like I can achieve my goal of becoming an actor and a screenwriter. I think God has brought this opportunity for me to show the world that kids like me can do anything.

I have always created things out of paper and cardboard for 15 years. I want to be an actor some day. When I write, it makes me feel happy and excited. My favorite books are J.K. Rowling’s books “Harry Potter.” I love these terrific books. When I read books like Harry Potter, it makes me think that I can create special stories too. I think my stories are interesting for people to read. I believe I can be the best actor/screenwriter in the future. That’s what I really wanted to do in life. I feel that I know what I can do and it will change people’s future. Showing them that kids my age can make a difference by being creative and passionate to become professional writer/actors.

I am going to Valley College for the next two years. Then I will go to USC to go to film school. College is important to me because, it might actually help me get through life without going through more depression struggles. I also like to make up stories that’ll make people laugh, touched or loved. God blessed me with that talent to act and write stories that’ll be a book/script, so I can do more stuff to change my life and my family’s lives. The KTC program will help me.
My Mother always believes that I can follow my dreams in the future. My Dad loves me but he’s not always around. He most of the time travels back to Mali Africa to sell African sculptures. When I have a family, I’m going to make sure that I will be a full-time/responsible/fun dad a kid could ever ask for. I would like to have a beautiful wife with three handsome sons named, Dominic, Brian and Otis Thiero. One day my children will be inspired by me once I tell them about how I achieved my goal as a kid. If I write a book about my childhood, I’m pretty sure it’ll make me feel special. My parents will always be part of my life forever, whether they’re divorced or not. I love them so very much. And that is why I want to be a writer for the KTC program, to make my parents proud.