Kindle to College Program Parent and Student Qualifications

Kindle to College Program Parent and Student Qualifications

Parent Qualifications:

  • Must send a photo and short bio of child
  • Must have a gmail address and google drive account (free to setup and use)
  • Must have internet connection
  • Must have access to a webcam w/mic and sound on laptop and/or desktop or phone
  • Must be able to dedicate 1-2 hours a week to helping your child author their story
  • Must be available for weekly group webcam and/or teleconferences with Kindle to College Program Director/Facilitator
  • Must order a copy or download and read the Kindle to College Program ebook/book
    • TIP: You do NOT need a Kindle to read the book! You can still read it for free on any computer or tablet using Amazon’s free software available here
  • Must assist in Indiegogo Online/Offline Kindle to College Fundraising Campaign:
  • Tell friends and family members to contribute and help get the word out. Using your social network; secure as many Facebook likes and shares as you can
  • Must leave positive review of the Kindle to College Program book on Amazon
  • Must help promote KTC books, authors and programs to your community
  • Become a Kindle to College Indiegogo Team Member (Optional)
  • Must leave a positive review of current First Time Generation Young Author’s Kindle to College Program books on Amazon
  • Must be US citizen
  • Must give How Movement and Kindle to College program in book acknowledgements.
  • Must be available for media interviews and inaugural events

Children Qualifications:

  • Must be between 8-18 years of age
  • Must not be involved in a gang or gang activity
  • Must be currently enrolled in school
  • Must be or want to be a role model of what is possible through literacy and authorship
  • Must have a desire to end generational illiteracy and generational poverty in their community
  • Must write a 300-400 essay on why you would be a good candidate for the How Movement’s Kindle to College Program
  • Must be a US citizen

Call (888) 460-7847 for questions and enrollment.