Our Mission


The mission of the HOW (Helping Ourselves Win) Movement is to eliminate generational poverty by teaching young adults how to empower, educate and train their brains to think like entrepreneurs and social change agents. They will learn The Exceptional Rules of Thinking(TM) in order to breakthrough the psychological, emotional, economic and environmental barriers of generational poverty that keep them from reaching their fullest potential.


As the How Movement succeeds, we will see changes in the lives of our at risk young people. More of them will be making choices that help them rise financially, personally, and socially. The changes will be built on a strong foundation from The Exceptional Rules of Thinking ™ (ERT), which will continue to guide and support their growth. The ERT ™ system will engage young people both because of what they hear and how they hear it. They will hear the insights and struggles of world class thought leaders, change agents and experts in the field of human potential, and these messages will be produced in the media young people rely on. The HOW Movement will produce Internet TV, Radio, and Social Media content that harnesses the intellectual, emotional and spiritual resources necessary for young adults to live an exceptional life and end the malady of generational poverty.


Our measure of quality is to have each of our at risk young people in our program understand and believe that each of them has the right and the ability to cultivate and enjoy an exceptional life. It is never too late; the pit is not too deep; the tiny spark of genius has not been lost. They can and will train their brains to move from the mindset of why to why not. From victim to victorious. From poverty to wealth. From hope to HOW!


“I will strive to be exceptional in all I do. Regardless of my birthplace, environment, economic status, family or education; it is my birthright to achieve greatness and live an exceptional life!” — Philippe SHOCK Matthews

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